Salesians of Don Bosco
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MottoDa mihi Animas cætera tolle ("Give me souls, take away the rest")
تاسيس18 ديسمبر 1859 (1859-12-18)
TypeClerical Religious Congregation (Clerical religious institute of pontifical right)
HeadquartersDirezione Generale Opere Don Bosco,
Via Marsala,
Membership15,298 (14,731 without novices and bishops)
Rector MajorFr. Ángel Fernández Artime, S.D.B.
Vicar of the Rector MajorFr. Francesco Cereda
Main organRector Major And General Council
  • الآباء السالزيان Salesians of Don Bosco رهبنة كاثوليكية اسسها القديس يوحنا بوسكو فى 8 ديسمبر 1841 بتورينو بإيطاليا
Salesians of Don Bosco in Taiwan

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