صليب قبطى

صليب قبطى

صليب قبطى
Croix copte égyptienne.svg

صليب قبطى


Cross with a circle  
"Coptic cross" according to Rudolf Koch, The Book of Signs (1933)  
Illuminated early form of Coptic Cross at the end of the 4th-5th century Coptic Codex Glazier  
5th-century liturgical Coptic relief featuring the Coptic crux ansata  
Wall painting of a jewelled cross (Kellia, Egypt, late-6th century)  
Coptic cross from the Ancient Egyptian Temple of Philae  
Processional cross from Amhara Region, Ethiopia (mid-20th century)  
Coptic priest holding a hand-held blessing cross (Cairo, 2010)  

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