is it against policy to put audio recordings in wiktionary?大天王皇子 (مناقشه) 17:08، 29 مارس 2009 (يو تى سى)

  • 大天王皇子
Hi, I did not put audio recordings anywhere , Regards 

ّّّّSamsam22 (مناقشه) 20:20، 29 مارس 2009 (يو تى سى)

  • Rarely, the additional vowels are used in their minimalist in the Arabic language to disambiguate similar spelled words. It's not compulsory.

We do the same thing for Egyptian-Arabic (Masri). --Mahmudmasri (مناقشه) 04:38، 2 ابريل 2009 (يو تى سى)

As an egyptophile I can tell you the vowel marks are not often used just like in other countries that use an Arabic based alphabet. Hope this helps :) Isa alcala (مناقشه) 05:03، 2 ابريل 2009 (يو تى سى)