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Hi Saibo, the reason you can use google transilator to transilate pages here and get a minimum understanding of the content is because Arabic script relies on constant for writing and vowels are out based on some grammers in the language(that in egyptian) or has to be put (like classical Arabic to be pronounced correctly). Also, most scientific and formal words are borrowed from Arabic, Arabic influences writes here when they write who are unaware of proper Spoken Egyptian grammer and think it is ok to use them. Regards. --MasriDefend (مناقشه) 16:48، 22 اكتوبر 2011 (يو تى سى)

Hi MasriDefend,
Thanks for your comment. Yes, I also think it is because it is similar to Arabic (google detects arz as Arabic). Cheers --Saibo (مناقشه) 17:07، 22 اكتوبر 2011 (يو تى سى)

apparently, google supports "some" dialect words like ba3dean = then and many others; however , as you said, it is completely unintelligable. Try is one

المغول خطفوا بيبرس و هو عيل وبعدين اشتراه واحد اسمو " العماد الصايغ " و بعدين باعوه لأمير حماه في الشام و اللي كان اسمه " علاء الدين أيدكين " اللي معروف كمان باسم " البندقدار ". بس ، و بعد كده ودوا بيبرس مصر و خش في خدمة السلطان الأيوبى " الصالح أيوب ".

The Egyptian Arabis is a completely different language, just time span between it and Arabic makes that very clear. The ideal comparsion between it and Arabic is as comparing french to latin. It is still unrecognised due to political reasons.-- 03:54، 23 اكتوبر 2011 (يو تى سى)

  • Yes you are right. Someone posted the translation to me. As I expected it was funny. But true I see that Google translated one or two Egyptian words. That is good anyway

Saibo, the correct translation of the text is : The Mongols kidnapped Baibars when he was a child, then someone named " al-Imad al-Sayigh" purchased him . Then later they sold him to the prince of Hama in the Levant whose name was "Ala'a ad-din Aidkin " and who was also known by the name "al-Bonduqdar". After that they took Baibars to Egypt where he joined the service of the Ayyubid Sultan " al-Salih Ayyub


Samsam22 (مناقشه) 14:26، 23 اكتوبر 2011 (يو تى سى)